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Our own analysis, our own trading set ups and goals. There are two steps of reading the reports

Step 1. Analysis

We analyse and look at 3 main factors when deciding a trade. These are Supply & Demand levels, Volume behaviour and VSA signals. We place limit orders with fixed stoploss and TP levels. Most of the time stoploss levels are moved to breakeven after confidence has been found in the direction of the movement, just to protect ourselves against higher risk. Are possibly trades are graded from 1-10 with 1 being the lowest probability and 10 being the highest.

Step 2. Report

We review and post result of trade.

All trades will have the name OPEN or CLOSED in the title. Open means trade has not yet been triggered or it has been triggered but no SL or TP level has been hit. Closed means that the trade has finished and report will follow soon.

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