Beginner Seminar

We will start our live seminar with

  • Basics of Supply & Demand
  • Introduction to Wyckoff and VSA as an extra toolset for Supply & Demand trading
  • Q&A
  • Chart examples and review of trader charts

Sunday May 19

London Time: 20.00-22.00
Berlin Time: 21.00-23.00
New York Time: 15.00-17.00
Los Angeles Time: 12.00-14.00
Tokyo Time: 04.00-06.00 (Monday May 20)


Nothing, as usual


Please register in advance as I need to prepare. Registration is open up until start of event. You can register by sending me an email on [email protected] , private message on ForexFactory (username naviafra) or on Telegram, either private (@naviafra) or in the Group (

Make sure to add your Telegram Username as Event link will be sent out on Telegram 20 minutes prior to start.

What do I need

A laptop, computer, phone or tablet. We are using the GoToMeeting platform. For those of you using a computer, no software install is needed. For those using mobile/tablet download the GoToMeeting app.

Microphone (if you wish to ask questions), you can also use the Chatbox


If you have failed trades, successfull trades or trade related questions prepare info on entry, stop loss and profit levels and time frame so we can review them together