Learn to trade the Forex markets
Using a Microeconomic approach

Understand the power of market Equilibrium

Understand what Supply and Demand really is

Knowledge the professionals doesn't want you to have

Live trading coaching and educational content

What can Traders Elite do for you?

We can teach you how to professionally read and understand the markets. You will accomplish this without the use of indicators and solely based on analysis the laws of supply and demand. You will gain access to group sessions, private sessions and tons of mentoring until you master the markets like we do

Anybody can become a successful trader with the right market perspective
We will teach you to read the market like the professionals, without using useless indicators and trendlines. You will learn the real economic factors behind the market instead of relying on trendlines, fibonaccis and other tools that serve no logic


You will learn why microeconomics is the only way to correctly analyse market structure and not technical tools and indicators. There is a reason why many professionals do not use charts at all

Powerful risk management

Forget what you have been taught about risk management, risk to rewards ratios and lot sizing. We will teach you a powerful adaptive risk management strategy

100% Free trial

There are tons of hoaxes and scams regarding trading on the web. We are not selling a strategy nor a system. We are giving you the opportunity to understand this yourself and to become a powerful trader with microeconomic laws. That is why we are offering a 100% free 45 day trial for you to realize how powerful this is

Trader Community

You will have access to our group and community where you can interact with other traders going through the same educational process and those who finished it. You will see trades live, discuss them and be a part of the great results we as a team are accomplishing

Copy Trading

We offer packages for those who do not want to learn trading. For those who do not have the time we offer very affordable copy trading solutions where you can copy, fully automatically and without user interaction, our trades. To prove how powerful this is, we offer a 45 day free trial on this service. 

Tons of extra content

We are constantly adding to our educational content which you will have access to. We are doing live trading sessions, live Q&A’s and constantly monitoring the Forex Markets to share with our members. You can still make money by doing what we do, while you are learning