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What is Traders Elite?

Traders Elite is a free non-profit educational community where we share trading knowledge,  trade with pros all with the goal of making consistent and stable profits. Join us in our Telegram Group and our Live Trading Room.

Traders Elite, non-profit educational community
Join us now and we will teach you how to profit from the market. As a single unit, we are weak. But together, we can create a powerful bond where mistakes are kept to a minimum and profits boosted to it's maximum. Our goal is to gather and share knowledge in our community to increase profits and minimize risk

Pro technical analysis

Daily analysis of mainly Forex markets. Professional analysis shared for free on Trading View, YouTube and live on our Telegram Group

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Join our Telegram Group where we discuss trades and analysis

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Our community, analysis, ideas, educational content is always free of charge. We don’t believe in paying for something that is already free on the internet. Join our forum where you will find everything you need

Educational content

Educational content posted regularly to keep you in the game and help you evolve. As we evolve in the never ending business of trading, as should you. 

Impressive returns

In 2017 we had a impressive 9.44% return of investment/month on averege. This is slightly higher than the averege and we make use of the laws of supply and demand to make this happen


Live analysis and video content posted regularly. Reviews of failed trades to make sure we learn from our mistakes and grow faster and better